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Tuesday, March 27, 2012 ; 8:36:00 AM

Sometimes I wonder that if we want to proceed with the next step andget to marriage life its easy but actually it wasnt.

Things that have happened to me recently make me wonder how hard it is. I almost gave up to think about it as it makes me too stress that i almost fall a sick..

Yes i know that both of us are still young but cant we just go for a plan. No harm right planning for our own future.. Yes I know parents want the best for their kids but why pressuring them and not to talk nicely to them, i dont think it will work out. Parents should sit down together and talk to their kids about life, marriage and so for. From there we will be able to understand each other.. But not my family, i just feel that im all alone down here.. Dad have its own stand, mum too.. Siblings being supportive but still the same as dad. I just dont understand, in the first place they were fine..planning together with me but not now..

Therefore i have decided that to get engage once after his national service and i dont wish to think about that for now..i just want to enjoy my life to the fullest and would not want to think about marriage.. let it be as what Allah's plan..

Dear Allah,
If we are meant to be together, do give us some strength of love and full of patience for us to go through all this.. Guide us to the right path of yours. Bless us with love and happiness and hope that our love is strong enough. I would like him to be my only lover for the rest of my life.

Oh Allah,
I wish that both my parents will get back together like it used to be... I miss looking at them talking to each other, joking to each other and i wish that they could understand each other in order to raise the kids. Ijust feel like i am stranger in the house of my own family... Bring them together, soften their heart.. and guide them to jannah.. I do love them but hate them to be this way..

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 ; 8:17:00 PM

Today, really makes my day..

I passed my TP with 14 pointers.

I am going to wear that baju for my engagement..

Really cant wait for my engagement coming jun..

I thanked god that without him, all this things wont happen..

Insya Allah, the event will takes place in jun..

Sunday, March 11, 2012 ; 11:07:00 PM

Yes.. i know its 2012.. and quite something i have not update my blog.

This year,i hope the best for me.. getting engage soon is a no joke.. getting serious and settling down with your love ones really makes you feel excited..

Treasure them
Love them..

Saturday, April 16, 2011 ; 11:52:00 AM

He is going away for two weeks..

Yup eventhough, im not too close to him but still im gonna miss u dad..

Hope u have a wonderful journey there.. and hope that u will be peace and more closer to Allah..

Work for me is kinda hectic.. yes eventhough the hours was ok but still the workload is killing me.. hahaha.. hmm..

I just went to A&E dept yesterday for doctor appointment. its regarding my swelling left ankle.. he gave me few medicines and a physiotherapy follow up, that will be done on coming tuesday.. hope nothing happen..

Sunday, December 26, 2010 ; 9:11:00 PM

Its a day after Christmas..and I am looking forward for my new year. 2011.

I will be starting my new work at Gleneagles Hospital this january..

I love my weekends. I have attended a wedding reception, met my friends for Shissha and a party at Kiddy Palace. I was so happy..Took quite a few pictures.. and now still uploading at FB.

I met my uncle this afternoon at one of my cuzzie place. He just came back from Dubai, and i was asking how's the life there..he replied it was great. I am so happy to hear that..He asked my sister to get a job there because it will be a great life there.. How i wish i could do the same too. Get a job and stay there..mane tau dapat sangkut dengan lelaki arab..haha..

Well, when i was on my way to my cuzzie place..Mum was talking to me about jodoh. Yes, Its true that some of my friends is already prepare to settle down.. I wish too. But still is a far long way to go..But mum told me..Now u can still enjoy with your life, go out and make as many friends as you want to.. And i told her that i have got a bf..And she said.. im still young to stuck to one guy.. get to know new friends..and have fun.. from there onwards you will find the better guy for your future.. I know all mothers in the earth wants the best for her daughter. and whatever mum said was true..

I wanted to make new friends.. But sometimes im scared.. Ive got a bf and what will they say..

Like what i told my mum, let the God decide which one is the best for me. Which one that can guide me to the right path..

Im going back to study soon.

Thursday, September 23, 2010 ; 8:38:00 PM

Off from work, and will be back tomorrow..

I guess this year, 2nd year celebration of our anniversary was superb..I had fun.
We ate, watched movies and go for the GMax Swing..

It was kinda nervous in the first place, but once u went for the swing u will feel like wanted to have a second try. It was AWESOME!!!!!

Work kinda hectic..I really cant stand the long hours.. I dont have time for myself, for my family and for my love ones..And some of them kinda biased..Tak leh tahan ah orang2 yang step rapat2 dengan orang besar stakat name..padahal perangai tak betul.. I always remember what Kak Fizah told me when I started my attachment as Guest Service, She told me that," If you have already know your products, You not going to feel scared or even nervous when meeting the guest. Instead you will feel proud to introduce your own product." And that's what i did, I got to know lots of things about babies, kids and even adults in this job. Even I was told that Im the most outstanding one among all the cashiers..and yes, Im proud of it..Im looking for another job soon..maybe after my holiday with my family to Malacca this November..Good bye KP..

Thursday, September 9, 2010 ; 2:46:00 PM

Its eve of raya, and there is alot more work to do..haiyo..mane nak potong memotong si sambal goreng..mane nak letak carpet, mane nak pasang ketupat..ish2..dan macam2 lagi la..



Just wanna wish all muslim from all parts of the world, Selamat Hari Raya..Mohon Maaf Zahir dan Batin..

Besok jalan raya..yeah!!!

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